This be Me

It might be nice to know a little about the person who posts on this blog. That would be me, known as Zandiepants in the online world.

I can be described as a chaotic perfectionist. I love (a little) chaos as that lights my creativity, but I can also try to be too perfect taking great care of details no one will ever notice besides me. I grew up in The Netherlands and moved to Denmark to be with the man I love. I love drawing, crafts and being silly.

On this blog you will find designs and illustrations that I make and sell on various POD (print on demand) sites, designs and products through the Zazzle Associate program, challenges I enter, crafty stuff I make, the odd poem I write and every now and then there will be a random rambling post.

Disclosure & Disclaimer

This blog is a combination of a personal blog, design/art showcase of my work and promotion for other artists.

My blog is my own written opinion and does not represent any companies. The content written on this blog, excluding comments and quotes, are my own personal opinion, an opinion that can change at any time whether it's my perspective or the outside world. In case I post product reviews I cannot be held responsible if your opinion about the product is not the same as mine. 

All copyrights relating to the designs, drawings, art, crafts and poems belong to be, unless stated otherwise. You may not copy or reproduce these whether for personal use or for profit. I have permission to show designs by other Zazzle shopkeepers as I am a member of the Zazzle Affiliates program. If you choose to purchase a Zazzle product, by clicking from this blog through to Zazzle, I might receive a small percentage of the purchase value in the form or referral fees. This does not effect the price you are paying. In case you become dissatisfied with the purchase I cannot be hold responsible if you are not pleased with it. I pick associate products according to my personal taste and I have no influence on the design or production of these phonecases.