Black #1

Black by Zandiepants on Polyvore

As you can see in my posts I love colorful things. But when it comes to my own clothes I'm more of a basic girl. Using a lot of black combined with a blast of color from a bag or shoes or ... But all black can be classy and fun at the same time. So it had to happen an all black Polyvore set. Trendy maxi dress and my own damask pattern on a shoulder bag.
Black & white Damask Shoulder bag


Green and Pink bedroom

This 'bedroom' was inspired by the center piece, the Duvet Cover from CircusValley
A lovely girly pink with unexpected green details. It works so well together! And the best part is you can have this art duvet cover in your bedroom!
It's available in Twin size, Queen size, King size and there are matching pillow cases for sale.


Turquoise Bedroom

An easy way to change the look of your bedroom (as often as you'd like!) is to change your duvet cover to something completely different. Off course you already knew that. But what if you combine that duvet cover with matching pillows for that pretty chair in the corner. Some wall art that matches the duvet cover (or get the kids to paint something for you). Some pretty vases bought at a discount store spray painted by you... why stop there? Paint the cabinet the bedside table (ohh yeah... then it wouldn't be quick and easy anymore eh... not something you'd do any week.)

Or do as I did and make your bedroom into a pretty collage before getting the paint brushes out. (do check out the duvet covers though... it's my design! yay!)

Turquoise Bedroom

click to see this Damask Duvet cover in lots of different colors