Damask pattern

I guess to most people it's quite clear I like patterns. A simple polkadot or a more elaborate interweaving pattern I can love it all. Creating a pattern is not that difficult, it's as simple as a repetition of shapes. But the challenge lies in making it look good! About a year ago I tried making a damask pattern. I guess I thought it wouldn't be so difficult as I had been making various patterns. But I was wrong. I couldn't get the look and feel I wanted, the shapes didn't match up nicely and well I just didn't like what I was making. So I left it alone and let it gather dust on my hard drive (and threw out my pencil sketches). But I'm too stubborn to just let go. I gave it a half try here and there but half tries usually don't work out so well. Last week I decided to ignore all the plans for the day and pick up where I left off. Which wasn't a good idea either. So I started from scratch and WOW! I like what I made!
I combined the new Damask pattern with a Fractal background. Another thing I'm trying to learn. It's a lot of fun but a slightly steep learning curve, specially since I'm trying to learn two different programs at the same time. It gets a little confusing every now and then. 2 test pieces that I didn't find good enough to show off, but I did quite like them, were used as a background for the damask design.
It has been great fun playing with the pattern and the background, making quite different looks with a positive and negative effect on the fractal. And by using a dark and a light pattern. Some of them have turned out quite 'goth' (like the first phone case) other nice light and spring like. I'm quite pleased :D
So another hurdle taken, another to-do striped off my list. Yay I made a rocking Damask pattern. I hope you agree!

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