Modern Living #1

A while ago I wrote something about Polyvore, how amazing it is basically. I've been distracted by a lot of other things so I forgot all about Polyvore. But the last few days I've been busy there! Added lots of products of mine from Zazzle and Cafepress and making new sets with those products. It's so much fun, although I like a bit of a collage style and that takes time to gather all the little bits and pieces for it. But that's fun as well! This is the first one I tries for Home Decor things, not stunning (yet) but a good start to see what I like and don't like. It's quite different from doing fashion or a collage with 1 item as a centre piece.


Damask pattern

I guess to most people it's quite clear I like patterns. A simple polkadot or a more elaborate interweaving pattern I can love it all. Creating a pattern is not that difficult, it's as simple as a repetition of shapes. But the challenge lies in making it look good! About a year ago I tried making a damask pattern. I guess I thought it wouldn't be so difficult as I had been making various patterns. But I was wrong. I couldn't get the look and feel I wanted, the shapes didn't match up nicely and well I just didn't like what I was making. So I left it alone and let it gather dust on my hard drive (and threw out my pencil sketches). But I'm too stubborn to just let go. I gave it a half try here and there but half tries usually don't work out so well. Last week I decided to ignore all the plans for the day and pick up where I left off. Which wasn't a good idea either. So I started from scratch and WOW! I like what I made!
I combined the new Damask pattern with a Fractal background. Another thing I'm trying to learn. It's a lot of fun but a slightly steep learning curve, specially since I'm trying to learn two different programs at the same time. It gets a little confusing every now and then. 2 test pieces that I didn't find good enough to show off, but I did quite like them, were used as a background for the damask design.
It has been great fun playing with the pattern and the background, making quite different looks with a positive and negative effect on the fractal. And by using a dark and a light pattern. Some of them have turned out quite 'goth' (like the first phone case) other nice light and spring like. I'm quite pleased :D
So another hurdle taken, another to-do striped off my list. Yay I made a rocking Damask pattern. I hope you agree!