Polyvore Addiction

Dear oh dear, I think I've found myself a new addiction. I recently learned about Polyvore, if you haven't heard of it, don't check it out just yet.
It's an amazing site where you put together a 'set' of your favorite things, while the focus seems to be on fashion I've seen beautiful art passing by as well. The products you choose to use in your set are linked (most of them) to the shopping site they came from. There are thousands of items to choose from, but the very best thing is that you can add items yourself! A simple click of a button puts them in the 'shopping list'. It's like putting a collage together when you were a teenager (and I guess my age shows once again), it's awesome! It's Addictive (yes, with a capital A). It is so much fun to mix and match, add fun embellishments, look at all the pretty shoes... Fun!

For me it is double addicting as it looks like a great (for me) new place to show off my designs! From what I can see it's a friendly community as well, with lots of creativity. A little bit Pinterest, with a splash of design, a good dose creativity and lots of fun!

So if you welcome a new addiction, go check out Polyvore

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