Diva Challenge #102

I finally made some time to do some Zentangle! Must admit this challenge really was a challenge. Not super happy with the results and even while drawing it was a bit of a struggle. Oh well,  they can't all be magical I guess. 

funny detail, these are not made on white paper as I normally do. I asked for a blank journal (what is it called a dummy?) for Christmas. No one really seemed to understand what I was talking about. The conclusion seemed to be that a book without letters was/is kinda really crazy! I don't care and got one anyway, so now I have all my new drawings collected in a book without letter :D  


Anne's tangle blog said...

I think you're to hard on yourself. Yout tile looks beautiful and has nice composition.

Zandiepants said...

Thank you, you might be right, I just didn't feel the 'flow' this time. Maybe that's the difference. :)

ledenzer said...

I am entranced with your auraknot lines and the bunzo fits in perfectly!