A little Love

A few pictures from my Zazzle friends to put you in the Love mood.
With valentines day coming up sooner then you think, you might want to decide soon if you're going to give your loved one something cute and pink (as that seems to be the rule of thumb!) for Valentine's day.

I personally think you should tell the people you care about as often as possible (well maybe not every minute), not only on Valentine's day. But I think there's nothing wrong with a little bit of extra love on a day like that. Whether it be a fancy gift, a small love note or just an extra hug. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

What do you think, is valentine's day just another day for shops to make money? Do you like doing something extra?

Hibiscus heart t-shirt
2 roses heart necklace
Two Hearts pillow
Rainbow Hearts on box
Denmark Love Apron
Italy Love jumbo mug

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