Diva Challenge #102

I finally made some time to do some Zentangle! Must admit this challenge really was a challenge. Not super happy with the results and even while drawing it was a bit of a struggle. Oh well,  they can't all be magical I guess. 

funny detail, these are not made on white paper as I normally do. I asked for a blank journal (what is it called a dummy?) for Christmas. No one really seemed to understand what I was talking about. The conclusion seemed to be that a book without letters was/is kinda really crazy! I don't care and got one anyway, so now I have all my new drawings collected in a book without letter :D  


Polyvore Addiction

Dear oh dear, I think I've found myself a new addiction. I recently learned about Polyvore, if you haven't heard of it, don't check it out just yet.
It's an amazing site where you put together a 'set' of your favorite things, while the focus seems to be on fashion I've seen beautiful art passing by as well. The products you choose to use in your set are linked (most of them) to the shopping site they came from. There are thousands of items to choose from, but the very best thing is that you can add items yourself! A simple click of a button puts them in the 'shopping list'. It's like putting a collage together when you were a teenager (and I guess my age shows once again), it's awesome! It's Addictive (yes, with a capital A). It is so much fun to mix and match, add fun embellishments, look at all the pretty shoes... Fun!

For me it is double addicting as it looks like a great (for me) new place to show off my designs! From what I can see it's a friendly community as well, with lots of creativity. A little bit Pinterest, with a splash of design, a good dose creativity and lots of fun!

So if you welcome a new addiction, go check out Polyvore


A little Love

A few pictures from my Zazzle friends to put you in the Love mood.
With valentines day coming up sooner then you think, you might want to decide soon if you're going to give your loved one something cute and pink (as that seems to be the rule of thumb!) for Valentine's day.

I personally think you should tell the people you care about as often as possible (well maybe not every minute), not only on Valentine's day. But I think there's nothing wrong with a little bit of extra love on a day like that. Whether it be a fancy gift, a small love note or just an extra hug. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

What do you think, is valentine's day just another day for shops to make money? Do you like doing something extra?

Hibiscus heart t-shirt
2 roses heart necklace
Two Hearts pillow
Rainbow Hearts on box
Denmark Love Apron
Italy Love jumbo mug


Animal art and Art for animals

It's been a while since I've posted. Hope everybody had great holidays and are rocking and rolling in this new year.

I will be posting some drawings soon (hopefully) but for now I'd like to share some Animal art from Zazzle friends.
Bahamas dog tee
by flagnation
i'd rather be napping
by barbsbooks
Chill out dog
by PomeranianPupParty
tropical birds mousepad
by Zandiepants
Cat on the prowl
by PomeranianPupParty
from the designer: "Calico Callie is a pretty little puddy cat who loves to be on the prowl. Here she found a pendant. Will it take her to a magical place?Another realm? Or is it just another necklace?"
Fatty Catty pillow
by FattyCatty
calm cat
by FattyCatty
Rainbow cat coffee mug
by FattyCatty
Fatty Catty tea cup
by FattyCatty
Fatty Catty dry erase board
by FattyCatty
The FattyCatty cats are created by Tammy Winand. Here are her words about the dry erase board to the left: "Cute and sweet cat art so you never forget those important tasks...after you feed the cats, of course!"