Shower curtains

Are you looking for that final touch in your bathroom to really bring the room together? Well this brings down the curtain! Add some flair to your bathroom with a new shower curtain.  | Comes in one size: 69" x 70" | 100% softened polyester | Standard size with 12 stitch enforced eyelets for hanging | Shower rod, rings, or liner not included .

Classy and elegant Black and White argyle shower curtain

Shower curtain with unique damask pattern in light blue and white

Country classic gingham pattern in poppy red shown here on a shower curtain

Shower curtain with fun colorful flowers hanging from lines with cute littles bows

Beautiful pattern with whimsical flowers in blue and green on beige.


Beach Inspiration: ZigZag flipflops

By the Sea set created on Polyvore

A fun easy breezy beach set showing a flowing orange dress and lime green and yellow flip flops from CafePress. Combined with a big hat, a great combo for a beach walk.

Yellow and green Zig Zag flipflops with Orange Straps


Lime and Blue - Bedroom inspiration

Lime & Blue Bedroom set created on Polyvore

Lime and blue bedroom with a beautiful antique wardrobe in green / lime with stunning painted details. Combined with modern elements like the dog lamp and blue chair.
This set was created around the beautiful duvet cover by Diane Clancy showing how her stunning fractal art looks on a duvet cover.

This ' Blue Angel' duvet cover from Diane Clancy comes in various sizes: Twin, Queen, King and as matching Pillow Cases.

Click the sizes mentioned above for more information & prices.


Purple Lotus Mandala - Bedroom Inspiration

Purple Lotus Mandala Duvet cover set on Polyvore

More bedroom inspiration. Combining purple and pink with a splash of bright yellow. I'm not a trendy person, but from what I've seen on various website, yellow seems to be quite hot!

Purple Lotus Mandala Duvet cover. 

Beautiful purple, blue and pink duvet cover. A unique mandala design by Zandiepants.

Available in various sizes:
Twin, Queen, King and as a Pillow Case

Love Birds, Framed Panel Print. 

Stunning Abstract art from Diane Clancy. A lovely pink and purple sea with matching sky and 2 gorgeous bubbles floating about the ocean as two love birds that found each other in this mysterious world.

Click here to check the price



It's been a long time since the last frustrated rambling post. Which is good I guess.
But there are no highs without lows. And while this is not rock bottom, I've been hitting the low for a while now. It always takes me a little while to find out what's wrong. After carefully analyzing I think it boils down to this: I'm STUCK!

I see no left, right, up or down in the near future. I am where I am and that's where I will be for at least 2 (3, 4, 5?) years.

I guess part of the problem is that I don't feel I have the right to complain. I have a roof over my head, a super sweet loving man, food on the table and a pretty pooch to bring a smile on my face. It could be so much worse. On the other hand, I feel stuck and I feel that I need to 'complain' about it. If I don't get it out of my system it will hold me back, drain my energy and shift from low to rock bottom.

Bubblescape by DianeClancy

In all my life, even as a child, I've felt the need to be challenged, have goals and work hard to reach them. I've always been bubbling with plans and ideas, some easily achieved some nearly impossible. Even if I knew that my goals were beyond my abilities it gave me energy to try to see how far I could come. If nothing else I would learn something, have a new experience.
My head still bubbles with ideas, but they no longer bring the same kind of energy with it.

I feel mostly stuck at where I live. This apartment was only meant as a temporary solution. A place to spend a few years before moving on. It feels like those few years are over, it's time to move on. The apartment did it's job, it provided a place to live. But it never felt like me, it never felt like us. My dreams for a new place are not over the top, I don't need a villa with ocean view. But I do want a home without stairs (not for me, but for my lovely man who's foot does not agree with stairs), a kitchen that doesn't make me angry every time I want to make an extensive meal. A house/apartment with a little porch to eat outside, a tiny garden for some vegetables. Simple pleasures. Simple pleasures that make a world of difference. But they require money.

As most independent artists / designers it's not so easy to make a living, off course there are highs when a great project comes along that actually brings in good money. But more often then not it's a struggle to keep motivated. For me it comes in bursts. In my POD (print on demand) work I have weeks or months that I work 12+ hours a day and loving it. But there is so little pay-off in working that hard. I can still see a steady (but slow) growth in sales and I know it's a long term project... but... you know...

My patience is running out. I'm not ready to give up yet, my goals are not met, I feel there is room to grow and learn. But I need to find more energy, more motivation. And that excellent idea that will bring that little bit of extra cash I need to move from stuck to unstuck.

I hope I find it soon, feeling like this is not good. Not good at all.


Black #1

Black by Zandiepants on Polyvore

As you can see in my posts I love colorful things. But when it comes to my own clothes I'm more of a basic girl. Using a lot of black combined with a blast of color from a bag or shoes or ... But all black can be classy and fun at the same time. So it had to happen an all black Polyvore set. Trendy maxi dress and my own damask pattern on a shoulder bag.
Black & white Damask Shoulder bag


Green and Pink bedroom

This 'bedroom' was inspired by the center piece, the Duvet Cover from CircusValley
A lovely girly pink with unexpected green details. It works so well together! And the best part is you can have this art duvet cover in your bedroom!
It's available in Twin size, Queen size, King size and there are matching pillow cases for sale.


Turquoise Bedroom

An easy way to change the look of your bedroom (as often as you'd like!) is to change your duvet cover to something completely different. Off course you already knew that. But what if you combine that duvet cover with matching pillows for that pretty chair in the corner. Some wall art that matches the duvet cover (or get the kids to paint something for you). Some pretty vases bought at a discount store spray painted by you... why stop there? Paint the cabinet the bedside table (ohh yeah... then it wouldn't be quick and easy anymore eh... not something you'd do any week.)

Or do as I did and make your bedroom into a pretty collage before getting the paint brushes out. (do check out the duvet covers though... it's my design! yay!)

Turquoise Bedroom

click to see this Damask Duvet cover in lots of different colors


Eye of Egypt

I've always had a 'thing' for Egypt. Not that I've ever been there. But it was the only time I paid attention in History class. The only topic that would keep me from falling asleep during those classes. I'm not sure why though. It's not like there's Egyptian blood in my family, or that I knew people that had been there. It simply fascinated me, the stories about pyramids, Cleopatra, Sun Gods and what not. I was hooked, still am (a little bit). Whenever there is something on tv about ancient Egypt I stay tuned, watch with fascination and dream about forgotten worlds. I've never been to Egypt and I probably never will. It's not that kind of fascination, it's the stories and history that are amazing, my fantasies that make it unbelievably awesome. It can only go downhill if I actually go there right?


Damask Curtains - Polyvore Set

This is my second attempt at a more Home Decor Polyvore set. I'm liking this a lot better! I'm not sold on the white 'post-it' but I think it's lot more lively then the other interior set I did. I love the little butterflies and flowers here and there. And I'm very please about some of the overlaying greens. I still have a way to go, but I'm liking where it's taking me! Now if Only I could figure something out how to add some shadows underneath the couch and stuff...


Blue and Purple Damask

I've been drawing this damask pattern. Been wanting to do my own damask for a while now, but it's more difficult then it seems! I'm really happy with how this one turned out though. And I thought it deserved it's own Polyvore set. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this pattern here on this blog as I'm in love with it :D and it's quite versatile. I've used it on a 3d mandelbulb fractal here. I love how the colors work with the pattern. I'm quite sure I'll be making more of these and not just plain color on plain color. Not that that's not nice, but I think this is just a little more intersting. But that might be me :)


Modern Living #1

A while ago I wrote something about Polyvore, how amazing it is basically. I've been distracted by a lot of other things so I forgot all about Polyvore. But the last few days I've been busy there! Added lots of products of mine from Zazzle and Cafepress and making new sets with those products. It's so much fun, although I like a bit of a collage style and that takes time to gather all the little bits and pieces for it. But that's fun as well! This is the first one I tries for Home Decor things, not stunning (yet) but a good start to see what I like and don't like. It's quite different from doing fashion or a collage with 1 item as a centre piece.


Damask pattern

I guess to most people it's quite clear I like patterns. A simple polkadot or a more elaborate interweaving pattern I can love it all. Creating a pattern is not that difficult, it's as simple as a repetition of shapes. But the challenge lies in making it look good! About a year ago I tried making a damask pattern. I guess I thought it wouldn't be so difficult as I had been making various patterns. But I was wrong. I couldn't get the look and feel I wanted, the shapes didn't match up nicely and well I just didn't like what I was making. So I left it alone and let it gather dust on my hard drive (and threw out my pencil sketches). But I'm too stubborn to just let go. I gave it a half try here and there but half tries usually don't work out so well. Last week I decided to ignore all the plans for the day and pick up where I left off. Which wasn't a good idea either. So I started from scratch and WOW! I like what I made!
I combined the new Damask pattern with a Fractal background. Another thing I'm trying to learn. It's a lot of fun but a slightly steep learning curve, specially since I'm trying to learn two different programs at the same time. It gets a little confusing every now and then. 2 test pieces that I didn't find good enough to show off, but I did quite like them, were used as a background for the damask design.
It has been great fun playing with the pattern and the background, making quite different looks with a positive and negative effect on the fractal. And by using a dark and a light pattern. Some of them have turned out quite 'goth' (like the first phone case) other nice light and spring like. I'm quite pleased :D
So another hurdle taken, another to-do striped off my list. Yay I made a rocking Damask pattern. I hope you agree!


Flu & random products

The flu has hit... and keeps hitting. Flu and cold seem to run this household for the last 2 weeks. Blegh is all I can say about it. It doesn't mean no work has been done. Not as much as I wanted to. But between coughing and having a fever there is only so much energy left. Luckily I had some patterns and designs waiting to be uploaded, simply almost mind numbing work. Drawing seemed impossible, a head full of yuckiness doesn't like to be bend over a desk apparently. Ohh well another day :) I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that all this will pass really really soon!