Micro Macrame and Zentangle

After months of not feeling well and getting depressed because I wasn't feeling well (ohh great nasty cycle) I finally decided to go see a doctor (saying that I'm not a fan of doctors would be making a major understatement!). I won't bore you with the details, nothing big has come out of the tests, but I've been doing better anyway! I wrote the next part of this blog post a couple of weeks ago, intending to post it right away but didn't get around to it. I still wanted to share it, so here it is! Better late then never!

For this post I'd like to write about my decision to only do things that give me energy, power and strength. That meant putting aside my determination to make my online business grow. Not so much a conscious decision as I wasn't physically able to do much. But a decision non the less.
But I'm not the person to sit still, even when I'm not feeling well, because that frustrates the *bleep* out of me too. Thinking about the things that gave me joy and energy in the past I decided to take up crafts again. Well crafts is a bit broad, but I always loved making cards and doing some scrapbooking (usually without the photo's go figure). But the thought of having the dinner table full with my mess while creating stuff made me feel uneasy. Which was not what I was going for!

It's funny how the universe (or just me) works. I stumbled across a beautiful bracelet and remembered the fun in making bracelets (heh I tried out a lot of crafty things), but stopped making them as I felt they looked too 'simple'/crafty. Don't get me wrong I love handmade things and I love if things look handmade when they are. In my opinion they just shouldn't look like the neighbor kid could have done it. Anyway in my surfing search I found Micro Macrame (yup the thing your mom or grandma did, but then the mini version). And off to the craftstore I went (well I had to locate one first as that wasn't a priority when I moved to Denmark, which is kinda silly I know). So I'm making bracelets and loving it! I'm still working on how to make the 'ends' look good without putting a ton of glue on it which makes it not so pretty, but I think I might have to order some good 'special' glue for that. And I need to find some people who want to wear one of my bracelets, I can only wear so many! haha. (if you want one let me know! lol I only ask money for postage and the materials used -which isn't much-) I've made many more since below picture ( just didn't take any photo's!) so the new ones look a bit more tidy then this one. Ohh well I'll post those to be taken pictures another day! If you're interested in making the bracelet below yourself please check out this wonderful website : Micro-Macrame the tutorial is on there, I just added some beads.

It's been wonderful to be crafty again and has given me inspiration and energy. I won't say it has healed me, but it has lifted my spirits and I know that will work on my body as well. It has also inspired me to go back to drawing, in combination with discovering Zentangle and my old passion for drawing patterns I have found that I am feeling a lot better, mentally and physically. And I've slowly gone back to working on my online business, but taking a lot more time to enjoy my craftiness and not just work for 12 hours straight. 

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