Colorful Products by Indie Designers

I love the alpaca photo on the iPhone 5 case by BarbsBooks. I think they are so adorable! Cute creatures with a puff of fluff. What is not to love! And from what I understand their wool is amazing too. The other day I was at a christmas market and thought about buying a hat/cap made from alpaca wool, not sure why I didn't, probably because I got distracted by the smells off good food.
When things don't make sense look up
Alpacas in Templeton California
Yellow Clary Sage flower plate

Beautiful roosters by A Portuguese Love. I didn't know this until I read the description on one of her rooster products and then I had to look it up and read more about it. Roosters are the unofficial sign of Portugal, due to a wonderful story about a pilgrim (go google it :P) and is now a symbol of honesty, trust, honor and luck. How wonderful to learn something new!
Portugese Rooster on Pillow
Portugese Rooster dart board
Portugese Rooster Planner

Wonderful collection of products by Tinker. She has a lot of recovery products, but some really funny and beautiful other pieces as well. It's hard to describe her stores, or designs as she has so many of them!
I break legs
Reflections of what I see
Zodiac Astrological Dial

Beautiful and funny necklaces by Mary. Copied from the description of the last necklace: St. Thomas Aquinas quote, " Determine what God has given you, and take from it what you need. The remainder is needed by others." Great Roman Catholic philosopher and defender of the Church speaks with much wisdom over 1000 years after his death. He was an early Christian, a pagan convert and a follower of Jesus Christ.
Can't say anything nice
Skinny Pie
God has given

I mostly know Diane Clancy from her stunning abstract work and paintings. But this store with animals is a little gem, below is a small selection of her Animal designs.
Freckles in Butterflies
Lady in Flowers
Emma in Flowers

Flamin Cat Designs is known for it's wonderful cat products (well duh!) but she does so much more, the products below are from her FlaminGraphicDesign store.
Future Bird Watcher
Poppy Fantasy
A beautiful rose for a beautiful person

On the left you can see the new small messenger bags Zazzle offers. ActivePalette made it into a colorful piece of art with her Jelly Bean pattern. This is what she has to say about the design herself "The jazzy multicolored design could remind you of jelly beans, pistachio nuts, pebbles or candy, but whatever the case, it's surely a knockout design"
Jelly Beans
Aqua Fuchsue Abstract pattern
Plastic Bubbles

I've been spending a lot of time doing offline drawings. Been making some crazy time-consuming (and crazy pretty) christmas ornaments. And slowly I'll digitalize those drawings and put them in my Zazzle store. The latest you can see on the navy blue t-shirt. The heart is hand drawn and then put into illustrator. I personally think it looks amazing on the shirt!
Striped Flower with pink worm
Daisy Bouquet Bag
Heart with Leaf

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