2 things challenge delay/early

I didn't have a lot of time for this weeks 2 things challenge, so I kinda rushed it. Would have loved to put some fancy patterns and colors on the numbers, but there simply wasn't time. Maybe I'll do it another time. I'll probably just forget unless I get a new head/brain for christmas. lol.

Anyway the 2 words for this weeks are: Delay/Early

If I would have been any good at drawing cartoons I would have drawn a cartoon of myself in a delayed/early situation.
I'm the kind of person that is usually early, not because I'm so overly organized that I'm always ready in time, I just hate the idea of others having to wait on me. And I don't like to rush. At all. So I usually end up waiting for people for a while, which is fine as it's my own fault for being early. But when those people are running late... -sigh- then I get a bit ticked off. Not only did I then spend say 10 minutes waiting because I'm too early, but another 15 or so because people are late... that's almost half an hour of pretending not to be bored. Ahh yes life is complicated. lol.

And that little story leads to my entry as I always wonder if the people that are always late simply don't have clocks, or maybe have clocks that look like the one below...


Jeremy Johnson said...

Love the interpretation. I am right there with you with being perpetually early. Hate being late to anything. Thanks for sharing.

Eeyore said...

I laughed when I saw this. Sometimes when there are too many things to do, it does seem like the numbers are falling off. Great idea.