november 7th; A little bit of this...

...and a little bit of well everything! There really is a big variety of styles and products today. Zazzle introduced new laptop bags, you can see one in the top row designed by JustInCase with an amazing clown image. A little bit of Christmas from Sandy Daley with a lovely christmas angel, I have to mention that she draws everything by hand, that's one talented lady!
And I just love the bronze look on the on the 3rd image in the top row. It's another new product from Zazzle, it's called a dodo case (the brand is called dodo) it's a combination of a iPad 2/3 case and 'old style' bookbinding. Zazzle offers designers to spice up the inside of this case.
Clown Palate Laptop bag
By JustInCase
Santa Snowflake Angel
By SandyDaley
Bronze DragonFly
By JustInCase
Pretty Portugese Girl
By aportugueselove
Butterfly Eyes
By DianeClancyHolidays
Butterfly Eyes – two large pairs of orange and red eyes turn into yellow, sunglow, saffron and amber butterflies.

Who doesn't love some sexy black lace! Love the iPhone5 case (first image in top row below). It's a wonderful design by GirlyTemplate (please mind that there isn't actual lace, ribbon or gemstone on the phone case, there has been confusion about that on other cases, it's a picture of lace and ribbon). ActivePallete (3rd image top row below) has some great abstract designs I can see this working well as magnet in a business situation, write key points on the magnets and stick them on those magnet whiteboards that are used so much.
I think I might be in love with aPortugeseLove haha, she makes amazing designs all so cute and well executed. Go check her store out, it's filled with amazing goodies.

Black Lace iPhone5 cover
By GirlyTemplate
Rosie the dog on greeting card
By SandyDaley
Moons in flight magnet
By ActivePalette
Pink Fantasy Flower Field
by Zandiepants
Romantic Hearts greeting card
By aportugueselove
Hearts and Flowers inspired by traditional Portuguese designs of Lovers Handkerchiefs!

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