Nov.9 a little bit of ...

...Girly Cuteness! An adorable 2013 calendar with a softball girl and a super cute pink pillow with 2 owls with hearts on their bellies by GirlyTemplate. Some abstracts by the talented Diane Clancy and WavingFlames and a great mug by aPortugeseLove

Softball Girl 2013 Calendar
By GirlyTemplate
Ochre Burned Glass kaleidoscope
by WavingFlames
Orange Eyes Aglow
By DianeClancyHolidays
Hello Baby coffee mug
By aportugueselove
Cute owl couple throw pillow
By GirlyTemplate
Cute owl couple with a brown owl and a light pink owl sitting on a branch of tree.

The girlieness (that's not a word is it?) continues with 2 lovely pillows, 2 great abstract phone cases and a lovely necklace with a drawing of a cute brown haired lady.
Striped Ribbons
by Zandiepants
Wings of Angels
By DianeClancyFractals
Tim Hendersons Dolphins Case
By JustInCase
multi colored rectangles iPhone5 case
By ActivePalette
Bountiful Brownette country girl
By SandyDaley
She is country type of girl with a shy smile; chestnut hair and that big bow makes her look so innocent.

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