A little bit of Zazzle Friends

A couple Zazzle friends have asked to promote some of their products. So instead of having a little bit from each one spread over a coupe of posts, 4 designs of each artist are put together in a little section.

Below you'll see products from Barb, she takes beautiful pictures, mostly nature inspired.
Suit of Armor
Brown horse in Los Alamos
2013 Templeton wine country calendar
This calendar features scenes from Templeton California's wine country through the year. Each picture was taken in season, and the front cover photo was taken in August at Aron Hill Vineyard.

The 3 products below are from Mary, she has many shops (click her name to check out all her stores). She's working her way around the world making wonderful designs and products with flag from around the world.
May the saddest day…
Funny hiawatha I'm home candy jar
Greek ouzo mug
Design has the Flag of Greece or Greek Flag. Reads, "The blood of Hellas flows through my veins and sometimes it's ouzo".

Diane Clancy is an amazing artist her bubblescapes bring you into a different world, her paintings have so many details that you keep seeing new things and her photography brings out the best in the choses subjects.
Great Grey Owl
Ocean Dreams
Freckles in Butterflies
Brighten Your Day – Freckles in Butterflies is a tuxedo kitty kitty sitting in nature surrounded by beautiful butterflies. This black and white tux cat is the centerfold in an outdoor festival of colorful butterflies

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