A little bit of this... nov 2nd

And a little bit of cat love! Love cats and love going green? Click on the second pictures by flamingcatdesigns for product option and more products with this cute green kitty! Another wondeful cat was made by aPortugeseLove, this cute black cat with a heart pattern that actually loves mice! Or is that just the computer mouse?
Black cat for good luck
by aPortugeseLove
I'm going Green Kitty
by FalminCatDesigns
Neon Slide iPhone 5 Cover
Can't say anything nice
by laughstuff
by DianeClancyArt
"The Power of Love - Underground is a fun and whimsical image that will take you on a journey into a land of love." ~DianeClancyArt
And a little bit of not loving Sushi. With all the I <3 products out there it's nice and refreshing to see design that do not heart something. If you would like to see more iDontHeart products, click on the picture and scroll down a little bit and follow the 'store' link to the store filled with i don't heart designs.

Gingerbread man on fire
by Zandiepants
Colorful cats messenger bag
by FlamingCatDesigns
I hate Sushi
Wild Deer 2013 calendar
by HomeAndBeyond
Grapes on the Vine
by caWineCountry
"These grapes were photographed in the vineyard shortly before harvest in Templeton, California." ~ CAWinecountry

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