A little bit of everything

When my Zazzle friends send out links to share I know they pick them with care. Products that fit the season, the latest designs, new product releases by Zazzle or gifts that they just love. Some weeks a lot of pillows are submitted to the list, some weeks it's mostly christmas, this week... there's a little bit of everything. And it makes sense, there are so many products to choose from it's actually more surprising when the same products are chosen.
Kitty Love laptop bag
By JustInCase
To Do list
By HomeandBeyond
USA Angel
By flagnation
German Parts
By flagnation
Cosmic Moon pendant
By blackisblack
Beautiful Gold Colored Moon and Cosmic Background makes a stunning designer necklace and statement
Jelly Bean Bone China Mug
By ActivePalette
Sagittarius Zodiac
By aPortugueseLove
Flaming Heart Print
By WavingFlames
Santa Snowflake
By SandyDaley
Gingerbreadman wall decal
By aPortugueseLove
Gingerbread man reusable wall decal! Wall art decals are a great way to decorate your home for the holiday!
Japanese Parts
By flagnation
Aquamarine Angel
By SandyDaley
Abstract Triangles Tile
By ActivePalette
House of Christmas
By aPortugueseLove
Cellular PurpleTones
By ActivePalette
Cellular PurpleTones iPad Mini Case. Shades of purple, violet, fuchsia dominate this cellular design, making it unique.

The last picture above are the new iPad Mini cases, recently released on Zazzle.
Snowman giftbox
By aPortugueseLove
2013 calendar
By The_Frame_Shop
Ocean Blue Paisley pattern
By Zandiepants
Libra Zodiac Birthday Plate
By aPortugueseLove
Sweet as Candy shirt
By Zandiepants
Sweet to look at, delicious to wear!

Most designs are also available on the many product types Zazzle has to offer. To see these you can easily click the shopname (by ...) and browse the store.

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