2 things challenge ; Metal/Local

Another 2 things challenge! This weeks words: local/metal

I've been doing a lot of hand drawing lately (keep an eye out for my latest crazy time consuming christmas star project) and been wanting to do a pattern like the one below.
Winpower (my lovely man) works in a couple museums and over the summer I've seen a few Viking museums and outfits. I've never had a great interest in history (I know I should, but I just don't) but Winpower does, while visiting one of the Viking museums close to us Winpower tried a chainmail (or is it chainmaille ? ) on, ridiculously heavy! Anyway I loved the pattern it had, beautifully made. But silly me, I didn't bring a camera and I don't have a fancy phone that takes good pictures. So for this challenge I took the memory and created a pattern that *might* have been like that chainmail. lol. It's handdrawn, so not without flaws. Only my second attempt, it needs some work to perfect it. And I need to make a lightbox (or whatever you call it) to be able to take some better pictures, with all the rain and dark weather, it's impossible to take a good picture without some sort of lamp or flash showing up. Anybody have a good tip how to make a light box?


Vivian said...

Wow, Carolien! That's an awesome drawing with a great design, and if you hadn't mentioned that you drew it, I would have thought you did it in photoshop or something. Bet that took you a long time to draw....gotta have a lot of patience.

Very good!

Eeyore said...

Verrrryyyy patient. Nice drawing.