Indie designers show off

Once again a post full of goodies from independent designers, artists and creatives that help each other getting their work seen.
Magician card
Wings of Angels
2013 calendar for kids
Into the Rose
Christmas Gift
Festive colorful dots Christmas gift with a big yellow bow reusable wall decal! Wall art decals are a great way to decorate your home for the holiday!
Birch Tree pillow
Snowflake Frame on pillow
Palm trees ipad sleeve
Can't say anything nice
Jelly Beans pillow
A mass of colorful jelly beans form the abstract pattern on this pillow. Gussy-up your living area with this jazzy pillow which is sure to be a winner
Je t'aime mug
christmas clock
Pulling In kaleidoscope clock
Look for the silver lining mug
Square who cares
When you're at Morro Bay, who cares what times it is? You never want to leave the peace and beauty.
Cranberry Green Holiday
Casino Junkie shirt
Great gift for that hard to find for person. Fun at the Casino .
christmas dog
Space Rainbow ornament
Freedom Eagle pillow
Christmas tree frame
This is a fun photoframe with stylized pine or christmas trees around a circle in which you can place your photo.
Amber goddess
May the saddest day…
lightning ornament
Light within
Streams of Joy
Blissfully Spilling into the Universe - Streams of Joy - a matrix nurtures forming rapture and delight, then allows them to pour out into the great unknown
apalca ipad mini cover
Monterey Pine
Princess parking photo print
Reindeer with gift
pertugese girl on jewelry
Cute girl dressed in hearts and flowers Portuguese traditional designs! Very sweet design.
Smoking skeleton by Van Gogh
Gandhi tshirt
Quan Yin
Look a like radio ipad mini cover
Kitty Love
super cute kitty on a deep red t-shirt. Cats have it all!
Wise owl courier bag
Lumbar throw pillow
I feel a sin coming on t-shirt
May god grant you many years
look a like washing machine ipad mini cover
Fun look a like washing machine ipad mini cover


Christmas Angels

As we're getting closer to christmas time I'd like to introduce these 2 cute little angels to you. Both placed on keychains, they're very willing to be watching over your keys. I can't promise that they won't be naughty and hide them for a laugh though!

Cute Christmas Angel with red robe zazzle_keychain
Cute Christmas Angel with red robe by Zandiepants


2 things challenge ; Metal/Local

Another 2 things challenge! This weeks words: local/metal

I've been doing a lot of hand drawing lately (keep an eye out for my latest crazy time consuming christmas star project) and been wanting to do a pattern like the one below.
Winpower (my lovely man) works in a couple museums and over the summer I've seen a few Viking museums and outfits. I've never had a great interest in history (I know I should, but I just don't) but Winpower does, while visiting one of the Viking museums close to us Winpower tried a chainmail (or is it chainmaille ? ) on, ridiculously heavy! Anyway I loved the pattern it had, beautifully made. But silly me, I didn't bring a camera and I don't have a fancy phone that takes good pictures. So for this challenge I took the memory and created a pattern that *might* have been like that chainmail. lol. It's handdrawn, so not without flaws. Only my second attempt, it needs some work to perfect it. And I need to make a lightbox (or whatever you call it) to be able to take some better pictures, with all the rain and dark weather, it's impossible to take a good picture without some sort of lamp or flash showing up. Anybody have a good tip how to make a light box?


A little bit of everything

When my Zazzle friends send out links to share I know they pick them with care. Products that fit the season, the latest designs, new product releases by Zazzle or gifts that they just love. Some weeks a lot of pillows are submitted to the list, some weeks it's mostly christmas, this week... there's a little bit of everything. And it makes sense, there are so many products to choose from it's actually more surprising when the same products are chosen.
Kitty Love laptop bag
By JustInCase
To Do list
By HomeandBeyond
USA Angel
By flagnation
German Parts
By flagnation
Cosmic Moon pendant
By blackisblack
Beautiful Gold Colored Moon and Cosmic Background makes a stunning designer necklace and statement
Jelly Bean Bone China Mug
By ActivePalette
Sagittarius Zodiac
By aPortugueseLove
Flaming Heart Print
By WavingFlames
Santa Snowflake
By SandyDaley
Gingerbreadman wall decal
By aPortugueseLove
Gingerbread man reusable wall decal! Wall art decals are a great way to decorate your home for the holiday!
Japanese Parts
By flagnation
Aquamarine Angel
By SandyDaley
Abstract Triangles Tile
By ActivePalette
House of Christmas
By aPortugueseLove
Cellular PurpleTones
By ActivePalette
Cellular PurpleTones iPad Mini Case. Shades of purple, violet, fuchsia dominate this cellular design, making it unique.

The last picture above are the new iPad Mini cases, recently released on Zazzle.
Snowman giftbox
By aPortugueseLove
2013 calendar
By The_Frame_Shop
Ocean Blue Paisley pattern
By Zandiepants
Libra Zodiac Birthday Plate
By aPortugueseLove
Sweet as Candy shirt
By Zandiepants
Sweet to look at, delicious to wear!

Most designs are also available on the many product types Zazzle has to offer. To see these you can easily click the shopname (by ...) and browse the store.