Wonderful Works #3

Another wonderful collection of art by lovely artists and photographers. A few great templates to use with your own photos. Some great hand drawn and digital art. A very yummy chocolate themed 2013 calendar. And I love the snakeskin iPhone case by Ixodoi art. Click the pictures to see the products in greater detail and to check out the artist's store.

Vintage Floral
by girlytemplate
christmas ornament
by aportugeselove
by Ixodoi art
Snowy Owl
by DianeClancy
Damask Peacock
by Girlytemplate
Palmer Station sunset
by Ixodoi art
freckles in flowers
by dianeclancy
christmas mug
by aoirtugeselove
Halloween party announcement
by GirlyTemplate
Celestial business card
by crittercreations
Zinneas phonecase
by ActivePalette
Modern Owl holiday card
by girlytemplate

Scarlet Macaw
by icasespot
2013 chocolate calendar
by bwmedia
Birth Announcement
by babyville
Holidays Photo template
by circusvalley
Christmas Party invite
by circusvalley
Mabel the Mermaid
by SandyDaley

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