Wonderful Work

I'll be starting some posts with work showing other designers and artists, there are so many people who make wonderful work!

Eiffel Tower Paris
by Crypticfragments
Paris Map
by Crypticfragments
English Church
by CrypticFragments
2013 calendar
by CrypticFragments
From CrypticFragments: 2013 Calendar Card. Keep this wallet reference calendar date card handy. Office managers, make sure each of your employees has one. Black on white background.

Worlds Best Grandma clock
by HomeandBeyond
California surfing necklace
by LifeIsABeach
Abstract Flowers iPhone 5
by JustinCase
2013 Classic Woodies Calendar
by HomeandBeyond
From HomeandBeyond: Beautiful digitally remastered photography of classic Woody Cars

Coffee Cat
by redqueenself
Arabesk Poster
by Redqueenswoman
hate broccoli
by idontheart
Skyclad October Night
by redqueenself
From redqueenself: 9″×11″ sketchbook paper inspired by the witching hour on a dark October night

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