A little bit of this .. on wednesday

... and a little bit of that.
After a couple of posts called 'Wonderful Works' I decided to rename the posts to 'A little bit of this...' somehow it fits better. Again these posts with feature work from some Zazzle friends that work hard making wonderful designs and products. These posts will show various designs and techniques from photography to abstract art, from hand drawn art to cute and vector.

Black Cat in Misty Clover
by SandyDaley
Purple Paw clock
by FalminCatDesigns
California Vineyard
by CAWineCountry
Amber Goddess
Portugese Fish
by aPortugeseLove
Portugal has always been a country of sailors and fishermen. When thinking of Portugal we can’t miss thinking of the sea and tasty fish.

We're getting closer to christmas so it's time to put show some christmas and winter products as well. In winter/christmas theme we have a cute snowflake photo frame with bow and a fun christmas card with top hats, angles and swans.
Snowflake photo frame with bow
by Zandiepants
Missing you sticker
by aPortugeseLove
Christmas card with swans and top hats
by DianeClancyHolidays
baby first year award
by HomeandBeyond
MudPud Turtle
by SandyDaley
Great plate to serve cupcakes on for kids. They will love the hand drawn turtle!