2 things Challenge: Alike/Alive

I started this post by apologizing for not participating every week in the 2 things challenge. But I decided not to (had to mention it anyway though lol). I haven't been feeling great and I can only do so much for my body starts yelling at me to stop. So I'll participate when I can. With that off my chest, here is my entry for this weeks 2 things Challenge . The 2 words for this week are: Alike/Alive

I guess it's stretching the 2 words a little bit... but hey it's meant as inspiration right?! For this piece I used 3 patterns, 2 of which are alike, but then not fully. And well, if the plant was dead the leaves would be brown and black no? lol
Pencil, ink and a little bit of photoshop magic

I've been drawing a lot more lately, specially after I found sites about Zentangle, my old love for doodling and patterns is combined in a perfect way by this way of drawing. And it's kinda zen and relaxing (that if I'm not making mistakes that annoy the -bleep- out of me). So this was a good test piece and the first one to have a bit of color in it, I'm not completely happy with it, but happy enough to be able to post it. It might be a bit dark for some as well, but I kinda really like that.


Vivian said...

Very cool! When I look at this design....I see two people hugging each other.
Great for this week's challenge.

I used to draw designs also...many years ago. I switched to photography and poetry.

Your designs inspire me.

Zandiepants said...

Thank you so much Vivian, now that you mention it, I can see 2 people too!

I love photography, but I'm not a natural, I should really take a course or something to be able to make stuff I want without getting frustrated with it not doing want I want it to do. lol

Eeyore said...

2 people it is for the 2 Things Challenge. I used to spend hours in class doodling, scribbling, or whatever. I would outline a whole page of notes with swirly swirls inside of swirly swirls, almost like a curly maze. Haven't done that in a while.

Zandiepants said...

Maybe pick it up again Eeyore, I must say it's quite relaxing and takes the mind of off things.

and I was the same, always doodling in class. Couldn't always read my notes when I got home as they were doodled over. haha