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After a couple of posts called 'Wonderful Works' I decided to rename the posts to 'A little bit of this...' somehow it fits better. Again these posts with feature work from some Zazzle friends that work hard making wonderful designs and products. These posts will show various designs and techniques from photography to abstract art, from hand drawn art to cute and vector.

Black Cat in Misty Clover
by SandyDaley
Purple Paw clock
by FalminCatDesigns
California Vineyard
by CAWineCountry
Amber Goddess
Portugese Fish
by aPortugeseLove
Portugal has always been a country of sailors and fishermen. When thinking of Portugal we can’t miss thinking of the sea and tasty fish.

We're getting closer to christmas so it's time to put show some christmas and winter products as well. In winter/christmas theme we have a cute snowflake photo frame with bow and a fun christmas card with top hats, angles and swans.
Snowflake photo frame with bow
by Zandiepants
Missing you sticker
by aPortugeseLove
Christmas card with swans and top hats
by DianeClancyHolidays
baby first year award
by HomeandBeyond
MudPud Turtle
by SandyDaley
Great plate to serve cupcakes on for kids. They will love the hand drawn turtle!


Mugs on Monday multicolor Pink

These multicolor intricate pattern have one thing in common, they all have some pink in them!


Lights off, spotlight on

I know a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet, work your pretty little buttocks off and still have some days left when money runs out. But I'd like to ask recognition for artists, photographers and designers who have been struggling since, well forever. The creative souls who feel they are on this planet to bring beauty in every day life. But that doesn't pay the bills.
We -creatives, artists- find it hard sometimes to market ourselves. We love making, creating, but selling... hmm that's not so much in our dictionary. While we should have it on our priority list, as how else are we going to make a living from what we love?! To take 'the plunge' and become a full time artist is not easy. No fixed paycheck, but plenty of fixed bills. I'd like to dedicate this post to one of those artists who is brave enough to 'take the plunge'.

Lights off, Spotlight on

Tammy Winand, a wonderfully talented photographer and artist who is taking THE big leap. Full time artist. Every beautiful photo, every cool design in this post is hers. Help support her by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page or by buying some of her wonderful photos and end up with a cool product for yourself or a sweet gift for under the Christmas Tree by clicking on the pictures below. She deserves it, she rocks!

From Tammy's Cryptic Fragments store:
Bonjour Eiffel Tower
Bonjour Eiffel Tower
Amber Fort Arches
Amber Fort Arches Print
Fire Escape
Fire Escape Poster
Parisian Door
Parisian Door necklace
Sadhu poster
Sadhu Poster
"I met this sadhu, a Hindu holy man, at Pashupatinath Shiva Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sadhus are men who renounce worldly life in order to pursue the spiritual realm. " ~Tammy Winand

Beautiful nature photography and western designs in Western Skies
Kokopelli Grand Canyon
Kokopelli,Grand Canyon
blue denim
Blue Jeans
Desert view watchtower
Desert View Watchtower
Grand Canyon mule train
Grand Canyon mule train
"Add a hot custom greeting to this fiery photo! Habaneros heaped in a basket at a southwestern farmer's market make the great background for a steamy message. " ~Tammy Winand
Tammy has a quite few more wonderful stores for you to check out all filled with amazing goodies, here's a small selection:
Asia Major
Homefront Vintage
Tams Tees
To see all her stores on Zazzle check out her profile.

A last call to action, please visit this link for Tammy's fundraiser.

Wonderful Works #3

Another wonderful collection of art by lovely artists and photographers. A few great templates to use with your own photos. Some great hand drawn and digital art. A very yummy chocolate themed 2013 calendar. And I love the snakeskin iPhone case by Ixodoi art. Click the pictures to see the products in greater detail and to check out the artist's store.

Vintage Floral
by girlytemplate
christmas ornament
by aportugeselove
by Ixodoi art
Snowy Owl
by DianeClancy
Damask Peacock
by Girlytemplate
Palmer Station sunset
by Ixodoi art
freckles in flowers
by dianeclancy
christmas mug
by aoirtugeselove
Halloween party announcement
by GirlyTemplate
Celestial business card
by crittercreations
Zinneas phonecase
by ActivePalette
Modern Owl holiday card
by girlytemplate

Scarlet Macaw
by icasespot
2013 chocolate calendar
by bwmedia
Birth Announcement
by babyville
Holidays Photo template
by circusvalley
Christmas Party invite
by circusvalley
Mabel the Mermaid
by SandyDaley


Wonderful Work #2

This Wonderful Work #2 has a wide variety of products. Super cute zombi monsters (yeah I didn't know either that they could be cute!). Some colorful designs with awesome patterns. And I love how people can come up with funny stuff for t-shirts (yup I'm a little bit jealous). Off course it's also time for a little bit of Halloween fun and it's always time for beautiful nature photography!

Bald Eagle
by stationaryshop
white green damask
by stationaryshop
Into The Rose
by FlaminGraphicDesign
Happy Samhain Moon
by Nightmareartist
From Nightmareartist: The full moon with a fading trail of blowing autumn leaves. The moon is behind the veil that separates life and death. On Samhain, the veil is thinnest and spirits of loved ones can cross over.

four laughing skulls
by Nightmareartist
Halloween pumpkin shirt
by Nightmareartist
Halloween Spiders
by FlaminGraphicDesign
Retro rainbow ghetto blaster
by doonidesigns
Awesome ghetto blaster on an iPhone 5 case. Love the grey with the pop of colors.

Zombie Love
by doonidesigns
Retro Funky Dots
by just_in_case
Good Moms
by laughstuff
May the saddest days
by maryandjesus
From maryandjesus: Irish blessing (also used as a toast) reads, "May the saddest days of your future be no worse than the happiest days of your past."

Wonderful Work

I'll be starting some posts with work showing other designers and artists, there are so many people who make wonderful work!

Eiffel Tower Paris
by Crypticfragments
Paris Map
by Crypticfragments
English Church
by CrypticFragments
2013 calendar
by CrypticFragments
From CrypticFragments: 2013 Calendar Card. Keep this wallet reference calendar date card handy. Office managers, make sure each of your employees has one. Black on white background.

Worlds Best Grandma clock
by HomeandBeyond
California surfing necklace
by LifeIsABeach
Abstract Flowers iPhone 5
by JustinCase
2013 Classic Woodies Calendar
by HomeandBeyond
From HomeandBeyond: Beautiful digitally remastered photography of classic Woody Cars

Coffee Cat
by redqueenself
Arabesk Poster
by Redqueenswoman
hate broccoli
by idontheart
Skyclad October Night
by redqueenself
From redqueenself: 9″×11″ sketchbook paper inspired by the witching hour on a dark October night