2 things challenge : Local/Hot

I missed last weeks 2 things challenge due to my parents coming over to visit. But this week I'm in! The inspiration words for this 2 things challenge are Local & Hot.

My entry is this fireflower mandala/kaleidoscope like graphic (heh yeah I'm great at describing things - not!) made with the offline version of flame painter which you can try out for yourself here and then tinkered with in photoshop. Flaming flower only found very locally (actually only found here ! oh and in my Zazzle shop lol)


Vivian said...

Hey Carolien, awesome design you made from a flaming flower, which I've never heard of before....I must google it.
This is perfect for this weeks 2 Things Challenge! Great to see you posting on there. : )

Eeyore said...

Looks too hot to handle. Thanks.