Portrait / Round 2 things Challenge

I've been following an awesome inspiration blog for a while called 2 things challenge. They post 2 words each week for inspiration. Up till now I've been either too late, too lazy or too busy to join. But this week is the week! I'm in! haha.

Going back to my 'ladies line art', this is my take on the words for the week: portrait / round

Cute & Geeky by Zandiepants


Eeyore said...

Your entry in 2 Things Challenge is absolutely welcome and we look forward to more. In fact, you are so early, I'll have to remind myself not to forget it next weekend. That definitely is a round portrait, and cute too.

Zandiepants said...

What can I say I got inspired! Thanks Eeyore!

Vivian said...

Hi Carolien! I love your entry for this week's 2 Thing Challenge! A portrait in the round...awesome. Love all the different lines that compose it. Very clever. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Zandiepants said...

Thank you Vivian!

Mouse said...

Hello ZP! Adorable portrait and full of shapes.

Diane Clancy said...

Very very cool!!

Glad you are part of this now!!! :)

~ Diane Clancy