Portrait / Round 2 things Challenge

I've been following an awesome inspiration blog for a while called 2 things challenge. They post 2 words each week for inspiration. Up till now I've been either too late, too lazy or too busy to join. But this week is the week! I'm in! haha.

Going back to my 'ladies line art', this is my take on the words for the week: portrait / round

Cute & Geeky by Zandiepants


Mugs on Monday - Thank you

This mug would work quite well as a business gift. The modern letter seem to be 'cut out' from the white showing a orange / yellow color underneath.

Thank you, modern design with cutout letters zazzle_mug
Thank you, modern design with cutout letters by hello_you



I bake. Bread.

I used to bake (really I did, don't look so surprised!) mostly bread though. But after moving a couple of times and kinda loosing the 'spark' in life I stopped baking. Bread. 

I didn't miss it, I didn't think about it, I didn't have that nagging feeling that you have to do something but you're not... until I was on a short trip to Holland not too long ago. I visited a newly build flour mill and BANG the spark hit me like it was a lightning bolt. Kinda unimpressed with my re found inspiration (I tend to totally love something and then get bored with it the next day) I figured it was smart to start 'easy', I bought some you-kinda-don't-have-to-do-anything kinda premixes, add some water and butter and you're good to go. But before I did that I had to look mom and dad in the eye and tell them they should let me borrow the breadmaking machine they never use. Yes I'm lazy… no way I'm kneading the dough myself! Luckily they agreed (that they never use it, not that I'm lazy)So now it's in my home and I have to decide where to put that wonderful hard working machine. Mind you I have a really small kitchen and while I don't have to have it standing ready to go all the time, I have been baking the last 4 days (of the 4 days I've been home after the short trip to holland), it's been on top of the stove (not very handy when you have to make dinner), on the kitchen table (not very handy when you have to eat dinner) and off course on the kitchen counter (not very handy if you have to do the dishes, or roll out circles for the later to be mentioned awesome buns). None of the places were really ideal but I don't care because I'm loving it! The baking and the machine.

The first bread after my couple of years of no baking bread was the simple premix one, in the breadmaking machine. No rocket science there. But wonderfully delicious. But didn't look so pretty (the bread, not me). Now I remember why I didn't like that machine that much, the top side of the bread seems to stay a little too cold, so doesn't get as nice and round and crispy as I think it should. So obviously I had to try if I could fix that with bread #2, against the machine's advice (yes it did actually speak to me :P) I put some towels on the lid to keep it warmer (or so I thought). No luck, it looks different (only a little) but didn't really help enough. So next time I make that kind of bread I'll let the machine do the kneading and I'll bake it in the oven. Problem solved.

My enthusiastic me wasn't really satisfied with the no-need-to-even-think kinda bread. So out came the old bread making cookbook and I decided to surprise my man by making him ready lunch (huh?! yeah I'll explain). My dear Viking man likes it when I make his lunch, as mentioned I'm a little lazy, so when he needs to leave early in the morning to go to work, I prefer to turn around in bed and snooze a little more. So I rarely make him lunch. The cookbook showed some pretty good looking buns with chicken in it. Awesomeness! I headed to the shop to get what I need… only to find out that here (in Denmark) they don't sell dried or instant yeast, which I'm used to, which the cookbook is used to (mind you I'm not natural experimental cooker I like to know a recipe works before I start doing my own thing with it). So I came home with what I needed and fresh yeast. Luckily Google likes cooking too and directed me to some kind websites telling me not to freak out. Which I didn't. But next time I'll use a little bit more of that fresh funky smelling stuff (no don't start thinking weird stuff, I was talking about yeast).

So after baking, marinading (is that even a word?), cooking, frying, rolling, waiting and doing some half origami to get the things looking like buns… here is proof, I bake. Bread.

buns with filled with delicious chicken
now I'm off to eat! haha

Cute flower and striped spiky grass.

Cute new flower designs! Well not really new they've been making my harddrive a colorful place for a couple of years now. I just forgot about them. While looking for another design (a cute monkey I made a couple of years back, who's still hiding somewhere on my laptop) i found these. Pretty cute! I really like the striped spiky 'grass'. I just had to make a background for it. Which, while seeing on the products now, looks a little dark. So I might revisit them with another lighter background. I still think they're pretty cute though!