Rainbow colors

Great colorful design with halftone and paint splatter effect in the background.

Tropical banner zazzle_keychain
Tropical banner by Zandiepants


Mugs on Monday - Forest

Lovely stylized trees / forest on a coffee mug. The design is made so that the front (white) trees are actually colorless, so if you were to change the color of the mug, those threes will change color as well.

Tall Trees forest - teal zazzle_mug
Tall Trees forest - teal by Zandiepants


More fun colored flip flops!

For someone who walks on flip flops all summer long it's a delight to be able to design them. I placed some patterns I already made on them and I love them, they look so cheerful and summery.


Mugs on Monday - a pleasant surprise

I love how a design can 'turn into something different' when placing it on products. These below are a good example. They're all designed as stand alone hearts, but I was pleasantly surprised that, when I zoomed them in by accident, they look awesome! It's not always clear it's a heart, but the details come out nicely!

Blue Doodle and Lace heart - close up zazzle_specialtymug
Blue Doodle and Lace heart - close up by Zandiepants