Mugs on Monday - stylized flowers

I love these stylized flowers, they look kinda like tulips or roses. These are place on a bone china mug, I especially like the small ones around the base. So cute!

Stylized flowers in various colors zazzle_specialtymug
Stylized flowers in various colors by Zandiepants


Heart Keychain

Lovely keychains with a heart and banner on which you can write text or initials. Great wedding gift as well. Also available on different products.


Mugs on Monday - camera mistake

I'll be the first to admit that I made a huge mistake with these designs.
I love these old camera's with bellows, but in my hasty enthusiasm I made the rookie mistake of thinking that this camera was used on it's side. But it's not. It's supposed to be upright, not that that would fit nicely on a mug... but still. So I do need to revisit this and make it correct. Still love the effect and the colors though.

Dark Pink Old Camera zazzle_mug
Dark Pink Old Camera by Zandiepants