Mugs on Monday - Cardsuits grunge

Grunge card suits. I actually ordered one of these. The outline of spades on a black background (like the bottom picture, but then with Spades). And silly me, I might be the worst shopper ever as I ordered a large size mug without realizing it! You'd think as a shopowner I would pay attention to that. haha. Anyway, the mug is awesome, I think I would have liked it  more in the smaller size, but the print job was great and the grunge effect came out really well. It was a gift for my man (he loves his coffee) and he's super happy with it.

Grunge outline of the 4 card suits zazzle_mug
Grunge outline of the 4 card suits by Zandiepants


The result of wrapping paper inspiration

I made a new collection of retro inspired squares pattern. I had to go out an buy some wrapping paper as I needed to wrap something for a man and apparently I've only be buying cute girly stuff. So I bought some black grey and red wrapping paper, modern clean and with squares. Now I'm not one to design really clean stuff, so these became retro.
Retro Square FlipFlops by Zandiepants

  1. Retro Squares pattern in light teal colors
  2. Retro Squares pattern in Bluegrey
  3. Retro Squares pattern in Green and Pink
  4. Retro Squares pattern in Orange and Red
  5. Retro squares pattern in Sunshine Mix
  6. Retro Squares pattern in Vintage candy colors


necklace charms

Cafepress offers beautiful jewelry, so I've decided to put some of my kaleidoscopes on them. I must say they look quite fun!