Designer's Block

I'm sure everybody has heard about a writer's block, or in my case a designer's block. I find it hard to prevent as for me it doesn't always happen for a clear reason (although I'm sure there is a reason). Usually when it happens I've been putting a lot of time in client work and simply need a break to clear my mind. Every now and then I just can't seem to get an illustration or design to match exactly to what I have in my head, which is the perfectionist in me. And if I don't have a clear deadline for that project I might get stuck in over thinking it and get no other work done. Not good! And sometimes I just feel like doing other things, specially if I'm not near a deadline.

To me it's clear I work best under pressure. When something has to be done, soon! Things seem to 'click' more easily and I get in a good flow. I've read so many blogs about how to deal with a writer's/designer's block, go for a walk to clear your head, do something completely different, try a new style, etc. Some of it works every now and then... but none are a perfect fix.

I've found that for me it helps to tell me it's ok to not work for a day (or 2). That's it's fine to lounge on the couch or play some games. I've gotten quite good at convincing myself that I need to stop listening to that nagging little voice in my head (no time to rest!!). If only it worked 100% of the time.

So for now, I think I'll *poof* to the couch :D

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