Diva Challenge #99

The challenge this week was set by Margaret Bremner on 'The Diva blog' was to use a looped border as a string. Now I wish I would have known what the challenge was a day before it was set, as last sunday I started a piece with just that! Off course I didn't take pictures of the string/border. I should have as I really can't remember what it looked like. All I know is that my loop became the small striped 'drops'. Maybe one day I'll remember to take a picture or scan of my strings so I can reuse them... maybe...

I always love how awesome it looks to have a close up of a piece, but with my camera still being in Holland I had a tough time convincing my super simple camera that it's ok to try and focus on part of the drawing. The little camera did understand what I meant after a little while, but decided to ignore that everything is supposed to be black and white, not greenish or overwhelming greyish like the photo above (which I photoshopped to make it look presentable). Or maybe I just need a lesson or 10 in taking photo's.

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful week!

2 things challenge; church/door

For the challenge this week I had to dig through my harddrive to find this illustration I did a couple of years ago. I completely forgot about it until I read the words for this week, I knew I 'had' to submit this illustration. It was really nice looking at the old files and realizing they're not half bad! (well some are. haha) Anyway, I'm sure the church door is on the other side of the church and we all know this cute couple came through it!

Thanks for setting up a new challenge Eeyore! I really appreciate it.

Cute couple - by Zandiepants


Customizable gifts from Indie Friends

Indie Friends do it again!
When all the links are gathered for these kinds of post it's always interesting to see if I can find a 'common' theme among them. Even though we don't pick a theme within our group I try to find the 'red thread'. I think this week it's color! From a pop of red tulip color to bright abstract square art, from a unicorn on a rainbow colored background to christmas red and from cute colorful cartoons to colors of the nations. I'm curious to see what next weeks theme will be! Stay tuned!


Weekly Challenge #98

This is the first time I'll be participating in the weekly zentangle challenge set by The Diva.  I discover Zentangle a couple of weeks ago and it 'spoke' to me straight away. I love patterns and I've always loved 'doodling' patterns. But the last years I kinda forgot that love. Reading about this form of drawing immediately inspired me to pick up a pen and have a go. I love how I can get lost in drawing, forget about time and space and just focus on the pen strokes. Sometimes I only make time for a few minutes of drawing and sometimes I can spend hours on one piece.
I haven't found any of the official supplies around here, but that's fine. I got some good pens and a black piece of paper seems to work great for me. I've been working on an amazing christmas ornaments the last weeks, a combination of the pattern drawing and origami. Will post those later when I have made time to take some pictures (and seeing that my dad borrowed my good camera, taking nice pictures is a little bit of a challenge).

Here's my entry for this weeks challenge. Not only did I use a new tangle it was also the first time I stepped away from the square shape as my canvas and the first time I didn't use a string. A lot of firsts, and eventhough I can see (quite) a few flaws in it, I love it! I will definitely be trying more of these pieces.


Micro Macrame and Zentangle

After months of not feeling well and getting depressed because I wasn't feeling well (ohh great nasty cycle) I finally decided to go see a doctor (saying that I'm not a fan of doctors would be making a major understatement!). I won't bore you with the details, nothing big has come out of the tests, but I've been doing better anyway! I wrote the next part of this blog post a couple of weeks ago, intending to post it right away but didn't get around to it. I still wanted to share it, so here it is! Better late then never!

For this post I'd like to write about my decision to only do things that give me energy, power and strength. That meant putting aside my determination to make my online business grow. Not so much a conscious decision as I wasn't physically able to do much. But a decision non the less.
But I'm not the person to sit still, even when I'm not feeling well, because that frustrates the *bleep* out of me too. Thinking about the things that gave me joy and energy in the past I decided to take up crafts again. Well crafts is a bit broad, but I always loved making cards and doing some scrapbooking (usually without the photo's go figure). But the thought of having the dinner table full with my mess while creating stuff made me feel uneasy. Which was not what I was going for!

It's funny how the universe (or just me) works. I stumbled across a beautiful bracelet and remembered the fun in making bracelets (heh I tried out a lot of crafty things), but stopped making them as I felt they looked too 'simple'/crafty. Don't get me wrong I love handmade things and I love if things look handmade when they are. In my opinion they just shouldn't look like the neighbor kid could have done it. Anyway in my surfing search I found Micro Macrame (yup the thing your mom or grandma did, but then the mini version). And off to the craftstore I went (well I had to locate one first as that wasn't a priority when I moved to Denmark, which is kinda silly I know). So I'm making bracelets and loving it! I'm still working on how to make the 'ends' look good without putting a ton of glue on it which makes it not so pretty, but I think I might have to order some good 'special' glue for that. And I need to find some people who want to wear one of my bracelets, I can only wear so many! haha. (if you want one let me know! lol I only ask money for postage and the materials used -which isn't much-) I've made many more since below picture ( just didn't take any photo's!) so the new ones look a bit more tidy then this one. Ohh well I'll post those to be taken pictures another day! If you're interested in making the bracelet below yourself please check out this wonderful website : Micro-Macrame the tutorial is on there, I just added some beads.

It's been wonderful to be crafty again and has given me inspiration and energy. I won't say it has healed me, but it has lifted my spirits and I know that will work on my body as well. It has also inspired me to go back to drawing, in combination with discovering Zentangle and my old passion for drawing patterns I have found that I am feeling a lot better, mentally and physically. And I've slowly gone back to working on my online business, but taking a lot more time to enjoy my craftiness and not just work for 12 hours straight. 


Colorful Products by Indie Designers

I love the alpaca photo on the iPhone 5 case by BarbsBooks. I think they are so adorable! Cute creatures with a puff of fluff. What is not to love! And from what I understand their wool is amazing too. The other day I was at a christmas market and thought about buying a hat/cap made from alpaca wool, not sure why I didn't, probably because I got distracted by the smells off good food.
When things don't make sense look up
Alpacas in Templeton California
Yellow Clary Sage flower plate

Beautiful roosters by A Portuguese Love. I didn't know this until I read the description on one of her rooster products and then I had to look it up and read more about it. Roosters are the unofficial sign of Portugal, due to a wonderful story about a pilgrim (go google it :P) and is now a symbol of honesty, trust, honor and luck. How wonderful to learn something new!
Portugese Rooster on Pillow
Portugese Rooster dart board
Portugese Rooster Planner

Wonderful collection of products by Tinker. She has a lot of recovery products, but some really funny and beautiful other pieces as well. It's hard to describe her stores, or designs as she has so many of them!
I break legs
Reflections of what I see
Zodiac Astrological Dial

Beautiful and funny necklaces by Mary. Copied from the description of the last necklace: St. Thomas Aquinas quote, " Determine what God has given you, and take from it what you need. The remainder is needed by others." Great Roman Catholic philosopher and defender of the Church speaks with much wisdom over 1000 years after his death. He was an early Christian, a pagan convert and a follower of Jesus Christ.
Can't say anything nice
Skinny Pie
God has given

I mostly know Diane Clancy from her stunning abstract work and paintings. But this store with animals is a little gem, below is a small selection of her Animal designs.
Freckles in Butterflies
Lady in Flowers
Emma in Flowers

Flamin Cat Designs is known for it's wonderful cat products (well duh!) but she does so much more, the products below are from her FlaminGraphicDesign store.
Future Bird Watcher
Poppy Fantasy
A beautiful rose for a beautiful person

On the left you can see the new small messenger bags Zazzle offers. ActivePalette made it into a colorful piece of art with her Jelly Bean pattern. This is what she has to say about the design herself "The jazzy multicolored design could remind you of jelly beans, pistachio nuts, pebbles or candy, but whatever the case, it's surely a knockout design"
Jelly Beans
Aqua Fuchsue Abstract pattern
Plastic Bubbles

I've been spending a lot of time doing offline drawings. Been making some crazy time-consuming (and crazy pretty) christmas ornaments. And slowly I'll digitalize those drawings and put them in my Zazzle store. The latest you can see on the navy blue t-shirt. The heart is hand drawn and then put into illustrator. I personally think it looks amazing on the shirt!
Striped Flower with pink worm
Daisy Bouquet Bag
Heart with Leaf