My house is like my heart

sketched sofa

For as long as I remember (or for as long as I can write properly) I put my thoughts on paper when I'm frustrated or down (luckily this doesn't happen too often as I'm a positive person.) Every now and then those ramblings are suitable for a poem, so I twist and tweak the words (and google around for suitable English words, that's when it becomes clear that English isn't my first language). And on the more rare occasion they turn into something positive. I decided to see if one of my positive poems could work for Zazzle (or for art in general). And while I was trying something new I figured I might as well dive deeper into sketching in Adobe Illustrator. While I love that program sketches never turned out well for me. Until now. I'm quite pleased with the result I must say! I plan on making a poster or canvas out of it too, I haven't done either on Zazzle yet, so I'll read up on it a bit and then convert it to either of them.

My house is like my heart

My couch likes to be sat on

but it doesn't like off balance

My couch doesn't like too heavy

so 3 would be too big a challenge

My table likes to be used

it loves to support a good meal

My table doesn't like chaos and mess

so it'll have to be a symmetry feel

My lamps they are the odd ones out

they don't like to shine at all

My lamps tell the candles to work

it doesn't matter if they're small

My bathtub doesn't like to fill up

not just for only me

My bathtub thinks it's for 2

it's waiting for us you see

My house is not as strange as it seems

it's actually kinda smart

My house knows when it's ready that's all

My house is like my heart


The last verse is shown on the inside of the card with a sketched heart.

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