Christmas stocking

Made a small series of sketched christmas stockings, 'scrapbook style' available as greeting cards and postcards.


Photo inspiration

I came across this poster, Love it! Love the color against the (almost) black and white, the composition, just amazing!


Christmas trees made form ribbon -vector

Just a quick post about an older design that got a new 'life'.
Bright Christmas trees made from ribbon on a colorful background with plenty of sparkle going on.


Polka dot Love

The Polka Dot is not only a pattern of filled circles, equally sized and closely arranged, leave the 'dot' out of the name and you have a dance and music genre. According to wikipedia it is still a popular genre of folk music in many European countries (The Netherlands is listed as well, although I don't really see that. Maybe I'm going to the wrong parties? Or the right ones depending on how you look at it).
Anyway, the name of the pattern comes from the dance, not because it really has anything to do with each other, but more because the time the pattern made, the Polka dance was very popular. The pattern lasted and gained popularity, the dance not so much.

New range of polka dot patterns that is in the making. This is the first, a girly business card which will be offered or several products and in a variety of colors.


Shabby Chic Christmas cards -vector

As I mentioned in a previous post I love the 'shabby chic' style. For me that means cute patterns which are (slightly) distressed, torn paper, bows and ribbons and a general 'sweetness' to the design.

These are the latest cards I uploaded. Cute snowflake patterns on faux torn paper. Sketched Christmas ornaments with different color combinations.


Shabby Chic

I'm working hard on making christmas cards and ornaments, but Zazzle is running behind a bit so I can't show you those yet (and it might be a little early for Christmas, lets have Halloween first).
Next to the christmas related things I decided to somewhat continue the small series I made with the sketched furniture. But less sketched and more Shabby Chic (who ever came up with that 'name' is brilliant I don't know why but I love it!). Anyway Shabby Chic in my store will hold sketched 'chic' cards and items and mostly combined with muted colored patterns, torn paper, ribbons and bows and whatever else I come up with. haha.


Early Holiday Deal - 50% Off All Cards!


I always love designs/drawings with a twist, take an ordinary subject and change it into something fun. While I'm not the bestest (lol) at drawing (specially people) I do enjoy to try every now and then. Last year I started drawing christmas angels which turned out to be cartoon style and made a few not so christmassy and not so typical angel. lol.

I mean does and angel really need to go shopping? Or would that be heaven for you to have daily shopping sprees>

I would love to run into this guy though, tough angel!


This must be the cutest owl ever!

I like going through websites like Zazzle, Deviantart and sites alike. There are so many amazing artists making incredible things. It's wonderful looking at art that seems impossible to make and sometimes I'm impressed with the simplest of things. Like this owl, it looks simple but it makes such an impression that it's not simple anymore if that makes any sense. lol

cartoon owl by heartlocked


My house is like my heart

sketched sofa

For as long as I remember (or for as long as I can write properly) I put my thoughts on paper when I'm frustrated or down (luckily this doesn't happen too often as I'm a positive person.) Every now and then those ramblings are suitable for a poem, so I twist and tweak the words (and google around for suitable English words, that's when it becomes clear that English isn't my first language). And on the more rare occasion they turn into something positive. I decided to see if one of my positive poems could work for Zazzle (or for art in general). And while I was trying something new I figured I might as well dive deeper into sketching in Adobe Illustrator. While I love that program sketches never turned out well for me. Until now. I'm quite pleased with the result I must say! I plan on making a poster or canvas out of it too, I haven't done either on Zazzle yet, so I'll read up on it a bit and then convert it to either of them.

My house is like my heart

My couch likes to be sat on

but it doesn't like off balance

My couch doesn't like too heavy

so 3 would be too big a challenge

My table likes to be used

it loves to support a good meal

My table doesn't like chaos and mess

so it'll have to be a symmetry feel

My lamps they are the odd ones out

they don't like to shine at all

My lamps tell the candles to work

it doesn't matter if they're small

My bathtub doesn't like to fill up

not just for only me

My bathtub thinks it's for 2

it's waiting for us you see

My house is not as strange as it seems

it's actually kinda smart

My house knows when it's ready that's all

My house is like my heart


The last verse is shown on the inside of the card with a sketched heart.


Just a quick post about an eyeball cocktail

I'm not quite sure what you would put into a cocktail to make it look like the one in the picture. But maybe Pisang Ambon and an eyeball would work? If you're not really keen on eating/drinking an eyeball, or if you're uncomfortable obtaining one (lol) a lychee with a cranberry or blueberry in it would work.



When I grew up we had hardly heard of Halloween 'the American way', but my mother always loved 'dressing up' the house with pumpkins and chinese lanterns (the plant that is). I loved it! And still do. When Halloween became more known here it was obvious I would try my hand at carving pumpkins, at that time I worked in healthcare with people with a mental disability and for the years I worked there it was a wonderful activity and became a tradition to make as many carved pumpkins as we could.
So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that when I started making designs for microstock and POD sites one of my first things to make for Halloween were Jack o Lanterns. No really scary ones, just cute and adorable. Although some of them seem to be quite grumpy and angry even! (yes they took on a life of their own).



While we (in The Netherlands and in Denmark) don't really do anything about Halloween (for us it's mostly something that has been blown over and embraced by the shops) I've always liked the idea, the dressing up, having a party, free candy! But I defenitly do enjoy making things that are a bit more dark and sinister then I usually create.

Seeing that Halloween is near I'll be posting some Halloween creations in the next few days. Hope you enjoy :)