Unfamiliar faces

I walk through the city and see people. Unfamiliar people.
I look at them, watch them, study them. People of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.
I see them walk, some like dancers gracefully going through the crowd. Some like elephants, making every one move away to let them through. Some like exotic dancers, sensual and daring. Some are almost invisible, only showing themselves for a second before going up in the crowd.

I look at the people, the unfamiliar people and study them. I see the outside imperfections which makes them perfect. I see a scar on a face, which gives the person character. I see grey hair, which gives the person something playful. I see someone without an arm, which gives the person attitude. I see a child with ice cream on her shirt, messy as a child should be.

I walk through the city and see people. Unfamiliar people.
I see their faces, and look at their eyes. I see twinkles, excitement, boredom, sadness and playfulness. I see pain, love, hope and lonelyness. I see eyes that wish to tell a story, I see eyes with stories to hide. I see eyes wanting to meet other eyes. I see eyes trying to get ignored.

I walk through the city and see faces. Unfamiliar faces. Faces with a story to tell.
Are you the one that is going to listen?

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